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Voice IVR

Our software provides a cloud based, artificial intelligence driven software that performs many of the tasks associated with the front desk position at any healthcare. It is designed to relieve the staff of the time consuming duties that take away their valuable time which otherwise could be used to enhance practice revenue and patient interactions.


Pharmaco will support data analysis for pharmacokinetic, clinical pharmacology, biopharmaceutics, and dissolution needs of new drug and generic product developments. These analyses are critical in drug development for cost and time savings.
Our software,'Pharmaco' will support data analysis in the following key areas of drug development: lead identification/optimization, dose response analysis, bioequivalence analysis of products, in vitro-in vivo correlations for formulations, dissolution data analysis, modeling and predictions.


A one-stop-solution for Parents, Students & Schools. Starting from the very thought of finding the right school through graduation, a parent can live his/her child's academic journey through "allschools". A solution that digitalizes the schools completely there by reducing paper-work with increasing efficiency of the staffs.


Rent Bike Hub is a solution that offers an end-to-end platform to both list and rent bikes or any vehicles with a built-in e-commerce facility.